Network Restoration Status


Scroll down to view viNGN restoration progress. Percentages indicate what is now available at our Facility Access Points (FAPs) for our Partner Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to deliver broadband services to you. Some area figures may go up or down due to network configuration changes even as the overall recovery percentage rises. Please also follow the restoration schedule(s) of your ISP(s) to get an even better idea of when to expect your own service to be restored.

Overall Services Online: 71%


  • Charlotte Amalie 88%
  • East 65%
  • North 67%
  • West 54%
  • Water Island/Airport 50%


  • Adrian 50%
  • Coral Bay 0%
  • Cruz Bay 87%
  • North 50%

St Croix map


  • Christiansted 80%
  • East 33%
  • Frederiksted 42%
  • Sunny Isle 59%
  • UVI/South 70%

Download Network Updates in PDF format:
10/13/17 | 10/16/17 | 10/19/17 | 10/20/17 | 10/30/1711/15/1711/17/17 | 12/01/17 | 12/04/1712/11/17 |  01/09/18


Facility Access Points (FAPs)
The central points from which fiber optic broadband is delivered to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in various sections of the US Virgin Islands.

Currently, we have 23 out of 24 FAPs online (96%).

Underground Fiber Optic Cable
Subterranean fiber optic cabling to deliver fast, reliable speeds in the US Virgin Islands

Currently, we have 100% integrity in our underground cables (no damages from Hurricanes Irma or Maria). 

Aerial Fiber
While at least 50% of viNGN’s network is underground, data is also transmitted over the fiber optic cabling that runs above ground, connected to utility poles throughout the US Virgin Islands.

Currently, we have restored approximately 59% of our Aerial Fiber Optic Lines.