Your Disaster Preparedness Plan

checklist imageWhen it comes to Disaster Preparedness, the Hurricane Season (June 1st to November 30th) commands a lot of our attention. However, it is not only storms that interrupt life and business. On any given day, you could find yourself in need of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Events that can affect your home or business: power outages, civic disturbances, tsunamis, earthquakes, tropical storms, flooding, fuel leaks, network intrusions, broken communication lines, fires, and equipment failures.

We hope you will find these 6 tips useful as you create your own Disaster Recovery Plan:

  1. Create a Plan that anticipates a variety of events that can disrupt your routines, life and business.
  2. Assign Roles to each person. Everyone should feel involved.
  3. Practice Drills so everyone will know what to do first and next.
  4. Take Action right away by activating the Disaster Recovery Plan when needed.
  5. Allow Self-Care so you can cope during times of increased stress.
  6. Lessons Learned once you review your response to make you stronger!

Download all 6 tips included in Disaster Recovery – 6 Keys to Navigating the Unexpected (PDF) and access even more resources below!