Not getting the speeds you expect?
WiFi speeds can be affected by the following:

  • The number of wireless devices connected to the network at the same time. Connecting many devices to a network at the same time can reduce available bandwidth for each device. Reducing the number of devices connected to a network might improve performance.
  • The distance between the device and access point. The greater the distance the weaker the WiFi signal, which can be amplified using an extender signal booster).
  • Each¬†802.11 version has unique characteristics that affect the signal strength and distance.

Both WiFi and wired connections can also be affected by the quantity and quality of content being downloaded or uploaded.


Can your computer get a gig?
To achieve the maximum speeds offered by VINGN, it’s important to ensure that the network adapters on the various devices connected to your network are compatible. The first step in this process is to determine the speed capability of your network adapter. Common terminology includes:

  • 100Mbps = 100baseTx = Fast Ethernet
  • 1000Mbps or 1Gbps = 1000BASE-T = Gigabit Ethernet or GigE (required to get the full VINGN Internet experience)

To determine the speed capability of your network interface card (NIC), please check to ensure that your NIC card is 1 gigabit capable.